Phoenix Cheerleader Slut Fucks the Boys

Phoenix Cheerleader Slut Fucks the Boys

When I was 16 I became a slut this is how it happened, on the way home from a game the team of boys made me their cumslut for the year and I loved it.

After all the boys finished jerking off all over me I thought about being
gang banged and I started to get horny as fuck I was wet and getting
wetter, my pussy was throbing. They kept showing me teensexpics of other sluts they had all fucked and it made me want to suck all thier cocks !!

slut from phoenis
after all the phoenix boys fucked me my pussy was still wet

I knew I liked sex, the hot Phoenix air alwyas makes my pussy hot, but this was
rape, why should it make me so hot and horny ? My mind was
betraying me, I was enjoying being used like a cumslut every tie I thought I would say “NO” I got horier and hornier especially after seeing more freesexpictures some of them showed real young sluts like me being pissed on and it made my cunt really really wet, the younger the girls the hotter my cunt got.

Once we got to were we were ging they asked me to get high so I said
“Yes of course I want to get high as fuck” They gave me a pipe, this
wasn’t grass, this was different, I felt it right away.

“Fuck, boys I an getting high, I feel it through my body, it is so

They lit the pipe again and I smoked again. “Hey guys,”
someone said, “she’s OK, she seems real friendly now.” I
felt friendly, in fact I had never felt better in my whole
life. They brought back my skirt and sweater and started to
dress me, I moaned and smiled and told them it felt so good and asked if I could
see more pictures of those young shaved pussy cause it made me horny.

We were all laughing and touching and kissing me. This was
great, I loved it. Someone lit the pipe again and I smoked some
more getting higher and higher.

I was so high, and I was feeling so horny, my cunt was itching to
be touched, and my pussy lips tingled. A few hands were stroking
me making me hotter. The leader kissed me and said,
“Come on you little slut do us a favor won’t you?”
I moaned I loved it when they called me a slut
“What,” I said, “what do you want me to do?”
“Baby we’d love to watch you lick that
Horses Cock, would you do that for us
Baby?” I was shocked, I can’t understand it
now, but as high as I was, it seemed like the right thing to
do.So I said
“OK as long as I can smoke more of that pipe and someone plays with my hot cunt”
So they let me smoke more of whatever I was smoking and boy did it feel good.

phoenix cumslut
i felt so slutty but my pussy was wet and i was high on drugs

“Come on slut, show us how much you love Horse Cock.” I
knelt and went underneath the horse. I reached out and
grasped his thick long Cock. “Lift it up and lick it,”
someone said. I pulled up the heavy Cock, it was getting
harder, I leaned over and kissed the shaft. It was thick
I could hardly wrap my hands around it. I
kissed my way down the shaft till I could see the swollen
head. I could hear the guys reacting, saying “wow” “holy
shit” “Cool” and things like that. Feeling so high I felt
so proud that they were impressed. I wanted to please them
so much. I pulled the Horse Cock to my lips and licked
the tip. They cheered and cried, “MORE MORE, Suck it, Eat
it Slut.”

I was moaning and squirming
all around as I tried to force it in my mouth. I jerked
faster as I Sucked the head. I was so hot, “Please,
someone touch my pussy, please.” Someone finally stuck a big vibrator in my cunt if felt so goddamn good

I continued to drive my head on the horse Cock as the vibrator touched my burning
cunt. The horse was moving it’s hooves and whinnying,
my Pussy was being entered and the horse Cock began to
I came and it felt soooo fucking good then the horse came all over me.

I started screaming, “I love it, I love
Suckin Horse Cock, love it.” I kept swallowing the cum and rubbing
the monster cock around my face, I raised my sweater and
directed the stream of cum on my tits, washing them in it.
Then I sat there rubbing the Cum into my chest and raising
my fingers to lick them clean, giggling like an idiot.

After they boys and the old man said they had pictures of me sucking them off fucking them and begging for more cock and that I had to be their cumslut for the year. I told them “As long as you get me high and fuck me you can make me do anything you want and I mean anything”

The old man came over and said he and his bowling buddies would need me next weekend for a little party, “prepared to be gangfucked and get really fucking high.”
I gave him a big hug and said “I can’t wait mister !!, How many of men will be fucking me?” He said at least 6 + and maybe if I was good he would let me suck off the horse again, my pussy got even wetter.