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What makes extasy or X a great drug is that if the dose is right it’ll make the victim very horny and. Most drugs just make them pass out and forget what went on. However, X can make them join in and enjoy the party. Mike’s mixture given to Cindy and the girls was even better because it turned them on so much they would do anything to cum. Mike was a genius, it was perfect.

snapchat sluts
snapchat sluts

Cindy had taken 3 hits of X and had lost any remaining self-control she had especially after seeiong those pussy selfie of the two young sluts that were also here. Instead of being horrified at them stripping the petrified young tiny girl naked, rubbing their grotesque hard cocks all over her fragile body, and making her suck Ted’s cock, Cindy got wetter. And when the grotesquely hairy and fat Bill ripped through her virginity and she’d screamed in agony, Cindy’s transformation was complete, she orgasmed harder than ever. When Ted’s cock replaced Bill’s and added his seed to her preteen pussy, Cindy was pleading for cock,wh en the men ordered her to clean Trudy’s ravaged cunt, she’d eagerly obeyed and licked all the cum from the little girls pussy.

Cindy’s head was spinning, she felt faint. She hadn’t eaten or drunk since she’d stormed out of the office that afternoon after quitting her job. She remembered just how angry she’d been not to get the promotion, losing it to that useless Simon. She was being shaken. Mike’s face was there, “drink this, you need fluids.” She swallowed the cool-tasting water, and felt her head steady. She was sitting up now, her cunt was still on fire. Mike turned his attention to Jenny.

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teen cum slut

Cindy was amazed to see that Jenny was a totally different person now after getting high. Her short teen skirt and panties were gone exposing an almost hairless, but slightly puffy pussy. She was still wearing her yellow belly-top emblazoned with a sparkly motive of a ‘Brat Girl’, but her starter bra was gone, and her little nipples were poking against the material. By the time Mike had reached her, he was totally naked and Cindy caught sight of his cock for the first time. Rock hard and hairless, every bit of its nine inches looked magnificent standing straight up. Cindy so wanted it. She needed to feel it slamming hard into her. But for now, Jenny had it all.

Mike surveyed his prize. The drugs were working well. He could see that she was very aroused. Her eyes held no fear, only lustful expectance. He breathed in her scent, “mmmmmmmmm.” His fingers brushed over her face, her lips opened and her little tongue lapped over his fingertips. He stroked her exposed belly, winning a little shudder from his victim as he touched her bare skin. She oozed lust from every pore of her virgin body. “Soon” he thought to himself “VERY SOON.”

“Trudy, come here,” Mike ordered, “I want you to lick your sister, just like the lady licked you. Do you understand?”

A totally stoned Trudy answered, “Okay!” as she bounced over to her sister. Mike had laid Jenny down on the same couch that Cindy had been on a while back and positioned Trudy between her thighs. As Trudy started to lap at her sister greedily, Jenny emitted a loud purr of pleasure.

The camera was running, focusing on the pussy licking. Panning up her young body, pausing on the area of her little buds, admiring the rock hard nipples poking under the material before moving to the lust-crazed face of little Jenny.

Her breathing began to pant. She held her sister’s head tightly into her. “Oooooooooh,” she moaned, “OHHHHHHHHHH…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..” Her hips bucked against Trudy’s face, clamping her tightly to her. “AHHHHHHHH!” she screamed as her first ever orgasm rocked her young body.

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sluts in public

Cindy was in torture, her cunt was sopping wet and on fire. She needed cock!! “Oh God someone fuck me, PLEASE someone help me” she pleaded, but to no avail. All attention was focused on Jenny and Mike. Mike was now on his back with Jenny being guided to a position above him. “Okay Jenny, lower your sweet pussy onto my cock and let it slip into you.” Cindy read some young teen sex stories while she waited to get fucked by the men that had gottne her high and horny.

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