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What makes extasy or X a great drug is that if the dose is right it’ll make the victim very horny and. Most drugs just make them pass out and forget what went on. However, X can make them join in and enjoy the party. Mike’s mixture given to Cindy and the girls was even better because it turned them on so much they would do anything to cum. Mike was a genius, it was perfect.

snapchat sluts
snapchat sluts

Cindy had taken 3 hits of X and had lost any remaining self-control she had especially after seeiong those pussy selfie of the two young sluts that were also here. Instead of being horrified at them stripping the petrified young tiny girl naked, rubbing their grotesque hard cocks all over her fragile body, and making her suck Ted’s cock, Cindy got wetter. And when the grotesquely hairy and fat Bill ripped through her virginity and she’d screamed in agony, Cindy’s transformation was complete, she orgasmed harder than ever. When Ted’s cock replaced Bill’s and added his seed to her preteen pussy, Cindy was pleading for cock,wh en the men ordered her to clean Trudy’s ravaged cunt, she’d eagerly obeyed and licked all the cum from the little girls pussy.

Cindy’s head was spinning, she felt faint. She hadn’t eaten or drunk since she’d stormed out of the office that afternoon after quitting her job. She remembered just how angry she’d been not to get the promotion, losing it to that useless Simon. She was being shaken. Mike’s face was there, “drink this, you need fluids.” She swallowed the cool-tasting water, and felt her head steady. She was sitting up now, her cunt was still on fire. Mike turned his attention to Jenny.

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teen cum slut

Cindy was amazed to see that Jenny was a totally different person now after getting high. Her short teen skirt and panties were gone exposing an almost hairless, but slightly puffy pussy. She was still wearing her yellow belly-top emblazoned with a sparkly motive of a ‘Brat Girl’, but her starter bra was gone, and her little nipples were poking against the material. By the time Mike had reached her, he was totally naked and Cindy caught sight of his cock for the first time. Rock hard and hairless, every bit of its nine inches looked magnificent standing straight up. Cindy so wanted it. She needed to feel it slamming hard into her. But for now, Jenny had it all.

Mike surveyed his prize. The drugs were working well. He could see that she was very aroused. Her eyes held no fear, only lustful expectance. He breathed in her scent, “mmmmmmmmm.” His fingers brushed over her face, her lips opened and her little tongue lapped over his fingertips. He stroked her exposed belly, winning a little shudder from his victim as he touched her bare skin. She oozed lust from every pore of her virgin body. “Soon” he thought to himself “VERY SOON.”

“Trudy, come here,” Mike ordered, “I want you to lick your sister, just like the lady licked you. Do you understand?”

A totally stoned Trudy answered, “Okay!” as she bounced over to her sister. Mike had laid Jenny down on the same couch that Cindy had been on a while back and positioned Trudy between her thighs. As Trudy started to lap at her sister greedily, Jenny emitted a loud purr of pleasure.

The camera was running, focusing on the pussy licking. Panning up her young body, pausing on the area of her little buds, admiring the rock hard nipples poking under the material before moving to the lust-crazed face of little Jenny.

Her breathing began to pant. She held her sister’s head tightly into her. “Oooooooooh,” she moaned, “OHHHHHHHHHH…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..” Her hips bucked against Trudy’s face, clamping her tightly to her. “AHHHHHHHH!” she screamed as her first ever orgasm rocked her young body.

sluts in public
sluts in public

Cindy was in torture, her cunt was sopping wet and on fire. She needed cock!! “Oh God someone fuck me, PLEASE someone help me” she pleaded, but to no avail. All attention was focused on Jenny and Mike. Mike was now on his back with Jenny being guided to a position above him. “Okay Jenny, lower your sweet pussy onto my cock and let it slip into you.” Cindy read some young teen sex stories while she waited to get fucked by the men that had gottne her high and horny.

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“Oh i love cock,” she managed to get out between squeals.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No! No! Fuck me harder PLEEEEZE, i am only 12 but i love cocks and pussy”

I told Kate the 13 year old cumslut to
put down the camera and kneel down beside Cindy and
open her mouth wide. Once she was position as I’d
requested I pulled my cock out of mindy and sank it into the little young teen sluts mouth
mouth, causing her to gag a little.

“Take it bitch, suck your youngs sluts friend cunt juice off
my cock. Do you like the taste bitch? Are you going to post some pussy selfie online you cunt slut?” I asked.

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pussy selfie

A muffled, “Mmmmm, hhhhm!” came from the girl’s cock-
filled mouth as my grip in her hair jammed her pretty
face into my body. “We want to be sluts in public now, and show off our little young pussies to everyone” she said.

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My slutty adventures part 2, getting fucked by 5 guys.

The next weekend in Phoenix, I went to the old man’s house, his name was Mike, that had fucked me with the boys.
He made me get high again and we went to his trailer. It was still warm, and we had
the windows open. He made me smoke the pipe a few times and asked me “You high yet slut?”
“Yes I am really fucking high and it feels great!!”
“Well you little bitch are you horny ?” I thought of course !!
“Yes my pussy is really soaked tonight”
He made me get in his car and we drove to a shitty part of town, I was so high that I sorta forget what happpened next.
But I was on the ground in front of 5 low life-
looking guys. It turned out they worked in the cemetery
as gravediggers. Three of the
guys were black, and two were Hispanic. One of the black
guys spoke first, “What do we got mye Jimmy? Looks like the
man provided us some good entertainment tonight.”

I just sat there looking each at guy with my little sloppy pussy hanging out of my shorts.
I told them that she would do what they wanted as long as they got me high.

The black guy who had spoken
started to play with my tits, and finger fuck me.

face full of cum

Because his fingers were so black, and dirty, you could
easily see as my juices ran down his hand.

They had found some old blankets in the trunk and were
laying them out on the ground. Once I was down with
my legs spread, the guy fingering me dropped his pants
and started to fuck me. His black cock was at least 8 inches long and
my pussy wanted more, so I started moaning and asking for more and more cocks.

“Please you dirty fuckers make me cum let me lick the horse cock again I need big big cicks in my cunt”

Another one of the black guys positioned himself by my
mouth, and I reached out for his large cock and
started to blow him. After both of these guys had come,
you could see it flowing out of my cunt and mouth; the
second Hispanic guy rolled me over and started to fuck
my ass and one of the black guys gave me a pipe to smoke,
“here take this you dirty slut and smoke it good”
I did then I sucked his cock for him, began to fuck my mouth
really hard. He came before the guy in my ass, and
pulled out to spray his stuff all over my face

Men love my slutty shorts with no undies lets my pussy hang out

The last guy, who had been watching all this action,
pulled me up to standing position after the two
Hispanics had finished. This fellow was a large black
man at least 6′ 4″, overweight, and kind of flabby with
a scraggy beard. He took out a handkerchief and wiped
off my cum soaked face. He smiled as he did this “here smoke some cunt” he said,
I did gladly I was in heaven, I was high as shit and getting to fuck all these low
life fuckers my cunt was sooo fucking wet.

The old man from last week turned to his friends and said,
“This young piece of white pussy is only 16 but she loves getting high and fucking everything, she even blew a horse alst week, right slut?”
“Yes” I said “I love being high and fucking old men, they make my pussy feel good.”
ThenI had my hands all over this big old black guy, and I made his cock hard as shit

I rode his cock like there was
no tomorrow. Just at the point when he yelled that he
was about to come, I jumped off, and deep throated
him. It was unbelievable to see my mouth engulf this
giant cock, he came all in my face I loved it I licked it all up.

By now it was about 2:00 a.m., and the guys were all
dressed and ready to leave. I was still horny and wanted to get high again.

So I said, “Don’t everyone go home, I’m still horny, so if any of you
have any cum left, I’m up for some more fucking.”

Mike the old guy from last week, came over to me and told me to dress.
“Girl you are the most willing cumslut ever and only 16”
“I just can’t help it I love being slutty and high” He handed me the pipe,
“Don’t worry girl we are going back to the trailer and you will meet
another cumslut like you but she is about 40, you ever fuck a girl before?”
Just the thought of it made my pussy even wetter,
“ohhh Mike I think I just came in my shorts, I can’t wait to lick her pussy, you make me soo fucking happy.” I asked him “Can we look at some more groupsexpics I love seeing little girls getting lots of cock?”

licking pussy from old ladys face
licking cum from old ladys face

Phoenix Cheerleader Slut Fucks the Boys

Phoenix Cheerleader Slut Fucks the Boys

When I was 16 I became a slut this is how it happened, on the way home from a game the team of boys made me their cumslut for the year and I loved it.

After all the boys finished jerking off all over me I thought about being
gang banged and I started to get horny as fuck I was wet and getting
wetter, my pussy was throbing. They kept showing me teensexpics of other sluts they had all fucked and it made me want to suck all thier cocks !!

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after all the phoenix boys fucked me my pussy was still wet

I knew I liked sex, the hot Phoenix air alwyas makes my pussy hot, but this was
rape, why should it make me so hot and horny ? My mind was
betraying me, I was enjoying being used like a cumslut every tie I thought I would say “NO” I got horier and hornier especially after seeing more freesexpictures some of them showed real young sluts like me being pissed on and it made my cunt really really wet, the younger the girls the hotter my cunt got.

Once we got to were we were ging they asked me to get high so I said
“Yes of course I want to get high as fuck” They gave me a pipe, this
wasn’t grass, this was different, I felt it right away.

“Fuck, boys I an getting high, I feel it through my body, it is so

They lit the pipe again and I smoked again. “Hey guys,”
someone said, “she’s OK, she seems real friendly now.” I
felt friendly, in fact I had never felt better in my whole
life. They brought back my skirt and sweater and started to
dress me, I moaned and smiled and told them it felt so good and asked if I could
see more pictures of those young shaved pussy cause it made me horny.

We were all laughing and touching and kissing me. This was
great, I loved it. Someone lit the pipe again and I smoked some
more getting higher and higher.

I was so high, and I was feeling so horny, my cunt was itching to
be touched, and my pussy lips tingled. A few hands were stroking
me making me hotter. The leader kissed me and said,
“Come on you little slut do us a favor won’t you?”
I moaned I loved it when they called me a slut
“What,” I said, “what do you want me to do?”
“Baby we’d love to watch you lick that
Horses Cock, would you do that for us
Baby?” I was shocked, I can’t understand it
now, but as high as I was, it seemed like the right thing to
do.So I said
“OK as long as I can smoke more of that pipe and someone plays with my hot cunt”
So they let me smoke more of whatever I was smoking and boy did it feel good.

phoenix cumslut
i felt so slutty but my pussy was wet and i was high on drugs

“Come on slut, show us how much you love Horse Cock.” I
knelt and went underneath the horse. I reached out and
grasped his thick long Cock. “Lift it up and lick it,”
someone said. I pulled up the heavy Cock, it was getting
harder, I leaned over and kissed the shaft. It was thick
I could hardly wrap my hands around it. I
kissed my way down the shaft till I could see the swollen
head. I could hear the guys reacting, saying “wow” “holy
shit” “Cool” and things like that. Feeling so high I felt
so proud that they were impressed. I wanted to please them
so much. I pulled the Horse Cock to my lips and licked
the tip. They cheered and cried, “MORE MORE, Suck it, Eat
it Slut.”

I was moaning and squirming
all around as I tried to force it in my mouth. I jerked
faster as I Sucked the head. I was so hot, “Please,
someone touch my pussy, please.” Someone finally stuck a big vibrator in my cunt if felt so goddamn good

I continued to drive my head on the horse Cock as the vibrator touched my burning
cunt. The horse was moving it’s hooves and whinnying,
my Pussy was being entered and the horse Cock began to
I came and it felt soooo fucking good then the horse came all over me.

I started screaming, “I love it, I love
Suckin Horse Cock, love it.” I kept swallowing the cum and rubbing
the monster cock around my face, I raised my sweater and
directed the stream of cum on my tits, washing them in it.
Then I sat there rubbing the Cum into my chest and raising
my fingers to lick them clean, giggling like an idiot.

After they boys and the old man said they had pictures of me sucking them off fucking them and begging for more cock and that I had to be their cumslut for the year. I told them “As long as you get me high and fuck me you can make me do anything you want and I mean anything”

The old man came over and said he and his bowling buddies would need me next weekend for a little party, “prepared to be gangfucked and get really fucking high.”
I gave him a big hug and said “I can’t wait mister !!, How many of men will be fucking me?” He said at least 6 + and maybe if I was good he would let me suck off the horse again, my pussy got even wetter.

Slut Teacher in Phoenix fucks her students

Hi my name is Sandy I’m a teacher at a inner city school here in Phoenix, and I got caught doing something bad but it felt so good !!! I just moved into my my house when a young black man knocked on my door. He was about 17 I’m pretty good-looking he asked me if he could do any dog jobs around the house for me for some extra money. I told him I needed some boxes unpacked in my living room so we went in the house and it was on packing my boxes and I could not help but notice that he had a great body. Just before he came over I had been reading some teensex stories and looking at some relly fucking hot teensexpics so my pussy was already wet.

Teacher is high
Teacher is high

He worked at unpacking boxes for about 20 minutes and then he asked if I had any water or something to drink, I went into the kitchen and poured us each a glass of Coke with some ice then excused myself to go to the bathroom when I came back we drank our Cokes and started unpacking more boxes, 20 minutes later I started feeling funny so we sat down at the kitchen table. Mike was the boy’s name he asked me if I was ok and started rubbing my shoulders, I closed my eyes and let him rub my shoulders and my pussy started getting wet again, I don’t know why all but of a sudden he was rubbing my tits and I started getting relly horny he could tell because I was squirming in my chair like a little girl that has to pee. I did not know it then Mike told me later better yet put two hits of ecstasy in my coke, Mike told me to get up and sit on his lap, I did not want to but my pussy was so wet that I just let him do what he wanted he started rubbing my legs feeling then rubbing my clit thrugh my panties, then he started fingerfucking me I was riding him like a Bronco my pussy was so fucking wet and my titties were so hard all I wanted was a big cock in me, I let him fuck me like a little cumslut. After about 2 hours of fucking Mike said he had to call some friends over and look at this bigtime slutty teacher I told him no but he told me that he would tell the principal if you did not fuck his friends.
students fuck phoenix teacher
students fuck phoenix teacher

So he made me put on a short skirt and a tube top then we went back into the kitchen to wait for his friends he made me drink more coke then two glasses of wine then I started getting really horny again because he put more ecstasy in my Coke. His friends came over and they were all 15 they were three of them even though I knew it was wrong I wanted them to all fuck my little pussy and make me their little white cumslut. Read more of this “free sex stories” and let us know if they make you horny !!!